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All That They Didn't Tell You About the Faith

19 Lies of the Bahais

(1) Bahai Faith is the fastest growing of the world religions

(2) There are five to six million Bahais around the world

(3) The Bahai Faith is the second most widespread religion in the world

(4) Bab was an independent prophet who brought a new religion

(5) Bab was the fulfillment of the prophecy of Imam Mahdi (pbuh)

(6) Bab’s religion abrogated Islam

(7) Bab foretold the coming of Bahaullah

(8) Bab’s followers unanimously accepted the authority of Bahaullah

(9) Bahaullah fulfilled the prophecies of previous prophets

(10) Bahaullah had not acquired formal education

(11) Muslim clergy feared their position so they denounced Bahaullah

(12) The Bahai Faith can exist without a Guardian

(13) The nine-member Bahai councils are democratically elected

(14) Bahais are persecuted in Muslim countries

(15) Bahais are law-abiding citizens

(16) Most of the Bahais are learned and educated people

(17) Bahai teachings have influenced peace in the world

(18) Even if you are a Christian/Muslim/Buddhist/Hindu, all will go to heaven

(19) We must investigate truth for ourselves, without preconception

Posted on: 1st November 2012 by Dr. Mohammed Alam Qurayshi

Updated: January 19, 2015 — 2:36 am
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