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All That They Didn't Tell You About the Faith

19 Things the Bahais Hide

Some truths which the Bahais never speak about.

(1) Abdul Baha had prophecized that he would be succeeded by the eldest son of his male progeny for 24 generations. This male heir is known as the Guardian.

(2) Abdul Baha did not beget a son, and to fill the gap his daughter’s son Shoghi Effendi was appointed the first Bahai Guardian.

(3) Shoghi died childless and since then the House of Justice has no Guardian.

(4) The Guardian prophecy of the infallible Abdul Baha was disproven by God.

(5) The Bahai Faith is now governed by an authoritarian priesthood – the Universal House of Justice.

(6) As per Bahai scriptures, without a Guardian the House of Justice is an illegitimate institution.

(7) If a Bahai questions the House of Justice he is ex-communicated

(8) Women are denied membership of the Universal House of Justice.

(9) The Bab claimed to be the door to Imam Mahdi (pbuh) and was not the forerunner of Bahaullah.

(10) Unlike Prophets, Bahaullah did not have any miracle to substantiate his claim to Prophethood.

(11) Most of Bahaullah’s siblings called him a liar.

(12) Like most of the false claimants, Bahaullah ultimately claimed to be God

(13) Many of the Bahai adherents believe that the Will and Testament of Abdul Baha is a fraudulent document doctored by Shoghi Effendi.

(14) Women are discriminated and inherit a lesser share. Personal residence and property is also passed only to the male heirs.

(15) In the few years of the Bahai Faith it has fragmented into many sects,

(16) Bahais are strictly NOT allowed to read literature published by members of other Bahai sects.

(17) While Bahais urge adherents of other religions to objectively view their respective beliefs, Bahais are not permitted to investigate the Bahai Faith.

(18) As per a study, a large section of Bahais leave the Faith within the first year of accepting the Faith.

(19) And one thing you would know the Bahais hate talking about… The Bahai History
History, which, even after several alterations, still reeks of violence and bloodshed.

Posted on: 1st November 2012 by Dr. Mohammed Alam Qurayshi

Updated: January 19, 2015 — 2:35 am
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