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A New Chapter

Welcome to the site of “The Baha’i Truth”. This site was primarily started by my father Mohammad Alam Qurayshi.

He was interested in religious studies. During his studies he found that there were a few claimants of Prophethood, relevant to this era were primarily Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani – the founder of the Ahmaddiya Sect and Mirza Hussain Noori famous as Baha’ullah – the founder of the Baha’i sect.

If one browses on the internet one would find that there is ample matter available to refute the claims of Ahmaddiya Sect however not much resources were available against the Baha’i sect.

Hence my father took it upon himself to study the Baha’i sect and their claims to come to a conclusion if they have any authenticity. After studying it in detail he came to a conclusion that this sect is filled with blasphemy and rather than calling it a sect it should be called as a cult. Hence we will refer to them as the the Baha’ cult.

Through this site my father wanted to unmask the hypocrisy of the cult. This site deals with the beliefs of this cult. It also has a series of 19 Questions that can be put to the follower of this cult to get them doing “An Independent Investigation” of their cult.

Since age has caught hold of my father, I decided to carry his work forward. I will primarily try to collate the debates which are present online so that this site will be a single source of reference to those who want to debate against the followers of this cult.

Here I would like to thank my friend Ali Shirazi who was instrumental in guiding me towards such websites where I would find these debates.

I pray to Almighty to bless my father and help me to carry his work forward.


Nadeem Alam Qurayshi

Updated: May 16, 2018 — 3:11 pm
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