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Bahaullah vis-à-vis Divine Prophets-I

A person claims to represent an organization. One of the ways to verify his credentials is to see whether his talks and claims about that organisation are like that of the other well-known employees and representatives of that organisation. If these are found to be in conformity his credentials would be verified and his identity as a representative of that organization would be established.

Applying this allegory to Baha’u’llah claim of being a divine messenger, we can easily check his credentials by comparing his message with that of the previous Divine Prophets. If they are in conformity his claim to divine Prophethood would be established.

In this series of articles we thus compare the writings of Bahaullah to the teachings of the previous Divine Prophets.

We do have to be careful while scrutinizing the apparently attractive teachings of Bahaullah. However much appealing they may apparently look, if their base is not divine then they are void and invalid.

If a child needs to be given some sour medicine, normally such medicines are coated with sugar so that the naïve child consumes it without realizing the sourness beneath. In similar manner the abased teachings of Bahaullah are sugar coated to attract simple and innocent people to their cult. Thus, it is necessary to critically examine the teachings of Bahaullah to reveal what is underneath it so that we do not fall prey to his worthless ideas and are deviated from our lofty beliefs.

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