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Can there be a Prophet without miracle?

The Quranic discussions about Prophets are always accompanied by the talks of their Miracles. For example when the Quran talks about Prophet Moses (pbuh) it also talks about his staff which transformed into a snake and devoured the serpents let loose by the Pharaoh’s sorcerers.

The magicians in Pharaoh’ court were completely overwhelmed by the miracle of Prophet Moses (pbuh) and expressed their belief in Prophet Moses (pbuh) and his God. Likewise there are numerous examples in the Holy Quran which talk of the Miracles of the Prophets which became the proof of their Prophethood.

Had it not been for these supernatural occurrences which no one other than a Prophet can perform there wouldn’t be any way for the common people to verify the truthfulness of the Prophet. Thus we can conclude that it’s essential that a Prophet performs a miracle so that the common people can identify him as a true prophet and distinguish him from a pseudo prophet. Ethical discourses and being able to gather some followers can never be a criteria to verify a true prophet as modern times have given us many examples of so called Godmen whose talks were very sweet and who even managed to gather quite a few followers around themselves but ultimately their fraud was exposed.

An important point over here is that the Holy Quran even acknowledges the existence of magical tricks which the common people cannot perform. A person being able to perform some magical tricks cannot become a prophet as by practice even other mortals can master these magical tricks. Some of the pseudo Godmen, who have been exposed today, were able to use some of these tricks to sway the commoners. Thus to justify their divinity they have tried to pass off some tricks as miracles underlying the importance of miracles to prove the divine connection.

The ‘prophets’ or ‘gods’ of Baha’i faith, Bab, Bahaullah and Abdul Baha failed to produce a single miracle. On the contrary, their creative followers, well realizing the hollowness of their faith, have fraudulently attributed some of the miracles of the divinely-appointed to their masters. It’s nothing but a con job. What’s even more intriguing is that Bahaullah even falters in the basic claim of Prophethood which necessitates a contact with the Divine Spirit. He shamelessly admits to have sexually fondled the Holy Spirit while he was in the prison serving time. In the Tablet of the Maiden (lauḥ Ḥūriyyah) Bahā’u’llāh is explicitly described sexually fondling the Holy Spirit. This was later removed from the fourth volume of Āthār-i Qalam-i A`lā in later editions. The undistorted version can be found here:
It is therefore an insult to the human intellect to even consider such a pervert to be a prophet. Their miniscule and dwindling numbers in the human race even 200 years after their arrival are therefore a reflection of the lack of trust which the people have in their veracity.

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