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Diseased House of Justice

In the article Universal House of Justice – and the failed prophecy, I have pointed out the invalidity of this apex Bahai assembly. As per the Bahai laws, the absence of the Guardian annuls the existence of this institution. Ironically, the one whose legitimacy is questionable, the Bahais have the check to declare it infallible.

The Bahais themselves acknowledge the members of the House of Justice are ordinary human beings (not appointed by God but by the Bahais themselves), but when they come together they become infallible. Simply stated, when nine monkeys come together they form a gorilla.

To counter this the Bahais put forth the analogy of the human body. Just like the hands, the legs, the eyes and all the organs of the human body do not mean a lot, but when they come together in a human body they are wondrous.

This is a very good example, but grossly out of context. The point is not the House of Justice needs people with different skill-sets who come together and complete the requirements. That is, there is a need of a legal department, accounting services, technology, etc, and each of the constituent has skills in the respective line who contributes and makes the Bahai organization complete. This is exactly what the human organs do — the heart pumps blood, the eyes are for seeing, ears for hearing, tongue for tasting, so and so forth.

Here the point is that the members of the House of Justice are fallible – prone to mistakes and committing sins (intentionally or inadvertently) — but the bottomline is they are not perfect. In other words, we have diseased hand, a blind eye, a broken nose and a cancerous stomach. When these come together you can never have a healthy body.

The infallibility would still have been acceptable had the Bahai scriptures authorized this institution. But as pointed out earlier, the House of Justice is illegally formed as a makeshift arrangement to keep the Bahai Faith alive after Shoghi died without any male heir who was to be designated as the Guardian.

God has His way of showing the truth, but all you need is an eye that sees and a ear that hears.

The question is not whether, each individual of the House of Justice has different skills-sets and when they come together they are able to administer the organization properly. The discussion here is that the individuals are fallible human beings and when they come together how can they become fallible. Thus looking at the above example, we are saying that if there is a diseased hand, a blind eye, a broken nose and a cancerous stomach, how can they came together and form a healthy body?

Posted on: 26th November 2012 by Dr. Mohammed Alam Qurayshi

Updated: January 19, 2015 — 2:07 am
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