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Father Son Oxymoron


Abbas Effendi AKA Abdul Baha also called as Ghusn-e-Azm or Greatest branch was the so called successor of Baha’u’llah. There are different accounts of how he became the successor which may not suit to the taste of Bahai’s and maybe we will cover that in some other article. In this article we will see whether the “So called successor” was an adherent of his father Baha’u’llah.

Shunning :

Baha’u’llah expressly said that the distinguishing feature of his teachings during his earthly dispensation was the prohibition of discord and hatred and the establishment of union and love. He commanded his servants to associate with people of all religions with spirituality and fragrance [i.e. pleasantness]

The Greatest Branch strictly forbade his followers to associate, speak or correspond with the Unitarians, with whom they are not even allowed to have the slightest business transactions. All the inhabitants of Akka can bear witness to this.



Baha’u’llah said: “Whosoever claims to be a Manifestation (a prophet) is a lying impostor.”

One needs to see from where did Bahaullah conclude that Manifestation = Prophet.

Abbas Effendi, in his epistles, has claimed to be a Manifestation, not always in express terms, but by hints and in obscure words and phrases. Those who preach him throughout the countries explain these obscure phrases to mean that he is God Himself; sometimes they say that the father and the son are one and that Abbas Effendi is a new Manifestation, and that his words are to be received as inspired texts. They have written many epistles to this effect and have even said that his position is superior to that of the Father.


Disrespect for Baha’u’llah’s Family

Baha’u’llah commanded everyone to respect the Branches (he called his sons as Branches), in order to strengthen the Cause. He expressly said that this command applies to the past as well as to the future. He also commanded that everyone should honor his family and relatives.

But Abdul Baha ignored this command and ostracized his brother Mohammad Ali (Ghusn-i-Akbar). Indeed, it would appear that Abbas Effendi wished the Cause to be suppressed.


Respect for Baha’u’llah’s servant

Baha’u’llah commanded to respect and take care of his servant (Khadimu’llah, Mirza Aqa Jan).


Now let’s see how Abbas Effendi followed his father’s order:

Abbas Effendi insulted and beat Khadimu’llah at the tomb of his father when he rose up to defend the Cause of God. Abbas Effendi was not satisfied with what he himself had done to this servant, but ordered his followers to imprison and cruelly beat him, which they did on the same day, and, had they not been in fear of the local government, they would have slain him. To the present day they curse and slander him and invent and spread false stories against him.


Teachings of Baha’u’llah

Baha’u’llah commanded to publish his words and spread it as soon as possible.

Abdul Baha tried all means in his power to prevent this order of Baha’u’llah from being carried out. His followers are only allowed to read those parts of the works of Baha’u’llah which, according to his interpretation of them, support his claim.

There are many such instances which indicate that Abdul Baha contradicted his father. Now the Baha’is are faced with a dilemma, if they consider Baha’u’llah as a divinely Manifestation then they have to follow his successor but if they follow his successor then they have to contradict the teachings of Baha’u’llah. Their condition can be best understood with the thumbnail of the image.


So much for being a progressive religion !!



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