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Sects of Bahais

Whenever you would come across a Bahai he would invariably speak about peace and unity, that all religions have come from God and we should not kill and divide ourselves on the basis of religion. And subtly it would be mentioned that all adherents of the Bahai Faith have always remained unified.

Sounds impressive. But, let’s leave it at that. Such statements are only for public consumption. Bahais are a fragmented lot. Despite their very small numbers (5-7 million is an exaggeration), the Bahais have splintered into many sects since its inception a 150 years ago.

They have broken into various factions at every step. Two separate groups were formed when Bahaullah died. Few more when Abdul Baha died, and a further few when Shoghi died. There has never been unanimity amongst the Bahais on leadership. It was only on the basis of force and high-handedness that one group dominated the other. But groups splintered off. So much so, that today the Bahais are divided into many groups. Each group intolerant to the views of the other, labeling the other as a “Covenant Breaker”.

Some of the prominent Bahais sects are listed below:

Heterodox Bahais (followers of UHJ)
Orthodox Bahai Faith
Tarbiyat Bahai Community
5 Elders
Heart of Bahai Faith
Bahais Under the Provisions of the Covenant
Unitarian Bahais (followers of Mirza Mohammed Ali)
New History Society (followers of Mirza Ahmed Sohrab)
Reform Bahai Faith (followers of Mirza Ahmed Sohrab and Ruth White)
Free Bahais (followers of Zimmer Hermann and Ruth White)
Essence of Bahai Faith (followers of Jamshed Mani)
So many sects amongst the few followers of a recent religion? What has happened to Unity? Where are teachings which will unite all religions? Where are the teachings which would remove religious differences? When the Bahai teachings have divided the people of its faith, how will it unite people of different faiths?

For Bahais “Unity” is only lip-service, a tool to attract people. They have never demonstrated Unity in any of their affairs.

The Bahais, as I have always maintained, surpass anyone in show-casing their religion in the best possible manner. But as witnessed time and again, that has got very little to do with the reality of the Bahai Faith.

Posted on: 1st May 2012 by Dr. Mohammed Alam Qurayshi

Updated: January 19, 2015 — 2:07 am
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