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The Unholy Triangle

In this article we aim to highlight the unholy triangular nexus between two brothers Mirza Yahya Noori (Subhe Azal) and Mirza Husain Ali Noori on one hand and Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi on the other.

This unholy nexus resulted in the loss of many innocent lives in the Persian empire in the 19th century and became the foundation of a pseudo cult which is today actively involved with the imperialist forces in oppressing and creating dissention in the Muslim Societies.

The First side of the triangle: Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi (The Bab) and Mirza Husain Ali Noori(Bahaullah):

The Muslims, Sunnis as well as Shias believe like followers of other religions in the advent of a universal reformer who will appear in the last age and establish a universal government based on justice and equity. This universal reformer is called “Mahdi” by the Muslims.

The Bahais claim that Mirza Husain Ali Noori (Bahaullah) is that same universal reformer notwithstanding the fact that he was unable to establish a just government even in a small village. About Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi (The Bab) they claim that he was a harbinger who heralded the coming of the Universal reformer Bahaullah. They however are quite when confronted with a question as how came the harbinger of the reformer is came into this world after the reformer? Yes, this is a historical fact that Bahaullah is elder to Bab. Bahaullah was born on 12th November 1817 in Tehran while Bab was born on 20th October 1819!!

If the Bahai God has sent Bahaullah as a Universal Reformer (which he never proved to be), He should have sent the announcer of this reformer (The Bab) in the world before him. However here we witness a strange situation where the one who is to give tidings of a coming reformer is sent to the world after the reformer!!

Also, if Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi was just a gate to the Mahdi and Bahaullah is the Mahdi then logically the status of Bahaullah is higher than the status of Bab. Now the Bahais have to answer this question that if Bahaullah is that important figure which was heralded by Bab then why Bahaullah spent a sizable part of his life being an obedient follower of Bab? Is this not a contradiction that an important personality which requires a heralder to announce his arrival, arrives before that announcer and becomes an obedient follower of that heralder! This is indeed an ideology of contradictions.

And poor Bab did not recognise that the one whom he is heralding is actually one of his loyal followers. Had he recognised the splendour of Bahaullah he would have introduced him in his lifetime. This is really a strange case when the heralder does not recognise the one whom he is heralding though that person is in front of him! Really poor arrangement by the God of the Bahais. He sent an heralder to herald the coming of a universal reformer but this poor heralder was unable to recognise and introduce this reformer to his followers!!

The fact is that Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi positioned himself as one who has access to Imam Mahdi as the Iranian society believed that Mahdi is already born. He was thus able to gather simpletons around himself who gave him importance since they were misled into believing that he has access to Imam Mahdi. For these people supporting Bab was equal to supporting Mahdi who would erase all injustice from the face of the earth. They never supported him believing that a new religion is being manufactured to replace Islam.

The second side of the triangle: Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi (The Bab) and Mirza Yahya Noori (Subhe Azal):

As already mentioned, Mirza Ali Mohammad Shirazi had positioned himself as an access point to Mahdi in the eyes of the common masses and was able to gather a sizable number of followers around himself. In the last days of his life keeping in mind the future of his mission he appointed Mirza Yahya Noori as his successor. Mirza Yahya Noori was born in 1831 A.D. he was 14 years younger to Bahaullah and twelve years younger to Bab. In 1850 A.D. when Bab was executed, he assumed the leadership of the Babi community. At a youthful age of 19 years he was well equipped to lead the community in the long run. But alas he had to deal with his Machiavellian brother Mirza Husain Noori. As a successor of Bab, he was on the governments hit list and was forced to keep a low profile. His ambitious elder brother took advantage of this situation and consolidated his hold on the Babi community.

The third side of the triangle: Mirza Husain Ali Noori (Bahaullah) and Mirza Yahya Noori (Subhe Azal):

Initially in the aftermath of Babs execution, Mirza Husain Ali accepted his younger siblings’ leadership and submitted to him. This was in the year 1850 A.D. Mirza Husain Ali at that time was more experienced and mature than Subhe Azal. However just like Iblis who could not get himself to submit before Adam who was much junior to him, Mirza Husain Ali did the same. He himself had personal ambitions of leadership. These ambitions gradually resulted in increasing disputes between the brothers. In 1863 A.D., 13 years after the demise of Bab and after accepting the authority of Subhe Azal in this interim period, Mirza Husain Noori finally decided to break off. Since a period of 13 years had elapsed from the execution of Bab, he could not claim to be Babs successor. He therefore decided to promote himself to the status of Mahdi. When some has to lie its better to lie big and get better rewards of lying. This led to a vertical split among the Babis. Of course Subhe Azal and many of his followers did not accept the claim of Mirza Husain Ali. He re-christened as “Bahaullah” and launched the Bahai Cult exactly 13 years after the Demise of Bab. Today the Bahais never talk of this interim period during which all Babis were under the leadership of Subhe Azal. They just jump from Bab to Bahaullah. They do not want to face this interim period as they do not have answers to innumerable queries which the acknowledgement of this interim period will raise.

Yet however much the oppressors try to erase the truth, false hood is bound to fail. There have been many who seeking fame have claimed the hallowed position of Mahdi. Bahaullah is just one of them. However like all pseudo Mahdis he was just successful in deviating some people from the “Seerat e Mustaqeem”. Had the Zionist forces in their enmity against the Muslims not supported these deviated movements like Qadianat and Bahaiat, these movements would have been forgotten in the pages of history.

Notwithstanding the support of Anti Muslim forces these separatist movements are just mirages without any foundation. The Almighty Allah has better plans for the Muslim Ummah as he Himself declared in the Holy Quran Chapter 3 verse 54:

“And they (the disbelievers) schemed, and Allah schemed (against them): and Allah is the best of schemers.”  

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