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Twelve Principles: A Comprehensive Investigation on the Baha’i Teachings


Baha’ism is a creed whose origins go back to Iran in the nineteenth century. The most important teachings Baha’is use to establish the superiority of their beliefs over others, are twelve slogans and statements called the “Baha’i Principles” that they propagate with great pride. Baha’is believe these principles were the revelations of their prophet, Baha’u’llah. They Believe that these teachings are novel and unique to the Baha’i creed and are the only source of salvation for mankind.

To address these teachings, the book Twelve Principles was originally written in Farsi and has now been translated to English. This book cites many startling quotes that have not previously been translated to English. It can be  downloaded free on this website.

In this book—through detailed examination and research—it is shown that:

  1. a) Contrary to the claims of the Baha’is, the Baha’i principles are neither novel nor unique,
  2. b) Baha’i leaders, themselves, didn’t act upon these principles, and
  3. c) Many illogical and irrational orders and sayings are attributed to the founders of Baha’ism in the Baha’i corpus with respect to these teachings.

The current book has been complied while avoiding any sort of sympathy for any particular individual, group, or religion. This method was used by the authors of this book when analyzing the statements of the founders of Baha’ism to seek the truth using logic and reason.

A single approach has been taken in analyzing each principle. Each principle has been analyzed in a separate chapter with respect to the following perspectives:

  1. a) Are these principles novel or unique—as has been claimed by the founders of Baha’ism?
  2. b) Did the Baha’i leaders, themselves, act upon these principles?
  3. c) Are these teachings logical and rational?

The book can be downloaded from :

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