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Verdict of Ayatollah Boroujerdi and Ayatollah Khomeni

Although Ayatollah Boroujerdi rarely asked anything from Mohammad Reza Shah, but he asked him to be serious against Bahaism.

Imam Khomeini too, as a religious leader with a political position did not see the Bahaists merely as an astray sect in that circumstances but considered it as an organization which despite claiming to be non-political, was very political and therefore sought power to materialize their objectives, while from the very beginning the sect had been a tool of colonialist political powers toward undermining the beliefs and disrupting the national identity. The ties between the US policies and Zionism and the ties of the Bahaists with these two as well as their objectives for domination over Iran and the mechanisms they had chosen clarify the secret and advantage of Imam Khomeini’s sensitivity toward the Bahaism and the importance and difference of his positions. Therefore, in the opinion of Imam Khomeini, as a person which in addition to being a religious leader had hoisted the flag of fighting colonialism and defending the independence of the country, Bahaism was a tool in the hand of the modern colonialism, weapon of the enemies of the country and a threat to the independence of Iran.

The course of events and objective realities of the history of Iran from 1961 onward confirms the correctness of the knowledge and discernment of Imam. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution Imam Khomeini reiterated that Bahais are the elements of foreigners and in view of the US supports for this sect, described them as spies, stating that “This ….. is not a religion, this is a party. A party which was formerly supported by Britain and now America is supporting it. They are spies too.”

Updated: July 18, 2016 — 7:20 pm
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