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Verdict of Islamic Scholars – Malaysia

The 14th Muzakarah (Conference) of the Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs Malaysia held on 22nd-23rd October 1985 has discussed the Bahai doctrine. The Conference decided that the Bahai doctrine is not part of Islam. Muslims involved in this teaching are deemed as apostates. Therefore, Muslims are prohibited from following this teaching and anyone involved in it must denounce it at once and repent.

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What is the opinion / ruling on Bahai organizations?


Having examined from every angle and aspect, the Johor State Fatwa Committee, which sat on 13 July 2000 has decided as follows:

1. Bahai teachings are not the teachings of Islam.

2. Muslims who are involved in teaching Bahai (Bahai) are apostates. Thus Muslims are forbidden and prohibited to engage in teaching and those involved should immediately go out and repent.


Date of Fatwa:  June 1, 2003

Hereby notified that the Fatwa was made and approved by the Mufti of Sabah State Government under section 35 of the Administration of Islamic Law 1992 is hereby published as follows: –

A. That Bahai teachings are deviant teachings. Muslims are involved with can lead to apostasy. Therefore, Muslims are forbidden for involvement with them and those who are involved should immediately go out and repent.

B. That ban covers:

i. such variations, versions, forms, or any branch of the teachings of the (A) above, and including any holdings of ideology, philosophy or system of practices that are not recognized and is contrary to Islamic law and principles of the Sunni;

ii. any publicity material, including any issue of whether printed, written, typed or produced in any other manner and in such form to be read, seen or heard in connection with the teachings of the (A) above.

As such, Muslims are forbidden to practice the teachings, beliefs and teachings of Bahai faith, a member of, lead, lead, giving lectures, educational classes and learning, provide any economic, social, artistic and cultural programs and activities which is intended for starting, spreading and expanding this teaching.

Muslims are also forbidden to possess, store, publish, sell, including distributing films, recordings audia, pamphlets, books, magazines or any other issue, pamphlets and any document, using any form of symbols, figures or signs signs that can associate with the Bahai teachings of Islam.


Bahai Teachings

Date of Fatwa:  November 2, 1987


Bahai teachings are not of Islam. Therefore, Muslims are forbidden to follow and practice.

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