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Verdict of Mohammad Tantawi – Shaikh of Al-Azhar

The Shaikh of Al Azhar, Mohammad Tantawi, emphasized that the Bahai group in Egypt to be considered as “outside the folds of Islam and the teachings of the Heavenly religions”. He termed it as a deviant group which should not spread its venom in the Islamic societies.

Shaikh Tantawi added that surely Bahaism is diametrically opposite to the Islamic Shariah and it is just not possible for anyone to consider Bahaism as a religion. This is because it is outside the folds of Islam and the teachings of the Heavenly religions. He also stressed that there should be no mention of the word Bahai as religion for any Bahai on his Personal Identity Card as that would mean acknowledging Bahaism as a religion. Just as the Interior Ministry refused to accord Bahaism as a religious entity on the Personal Identity Card.

Shaikh Tantawi also pointed out to the judgment rendered by the Administrative Court granting permission to two Bahais to either leave the column of Religion in their Identity Cards to be either blank or to write “Others” in the column.

The late Sheikh of Al Azhar Jad al Haq Ali Jad al Haq had emphasized in 1986 in an edict which was renewed by the Islamic Research Group in 2003 that Bahaism has no connection with the Divine religions. Rather it is a newly innovated religion which manifested itself in the end of the nineteenth century A.D. and was graced and favored by the English imperialist forces with the aim and intention to weaken the Islamic unity and refute the Islamic injunctions. He also mentioned that the Bahais take as their Qibla, the city of Akka in Palestine instead of the Holy Kaba. They also do not believe in the Day of Qiyamah and neither do they believe in Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as the Messenger of Allah.
(July 2008)

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