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When Abdu’l-Baha went ‘nuts’

We have already mentioned in one of our articles of how the Baha’i beliefs are in ‘conformity’ with science. But just in case you have forgotten, we’ll recap it for you. For instance the Babis say “Coppers transmutes into Gold after 70 years!” among others. ( Now, we have stumbled upon this terrifying gem from the Baha’i crypt of medical science. Abdul Baha aka Abbas Effendi – the eldest son of Bahaullah has said that the canine teeth in humans was created specifically to crack nuts. We found this in Helen Bassett Hornby’s Lights of Guidance (A Baha’i Reference File, chap. XXIV, no. 1007) “Thou hast written regarding the four canine teeth in man, saying that these teeth, two in the upper jaw and two in the lower, are for the purpose of eating meat. Know thou that these four teeth are not created for meat-eating, although one can eat meat with them. All the teeth of man are made for eating fruit, cereals and vegetables. These four teeth, however, are designed for breaking hard shells, such as those of almonds. ‘Abdu’l-Baha claims that the four human canine teeth have been created for breaking nuts like almonds! Firstly, breaking nuts using teeth are dentists’ (and parents’) worst nightmares! The easiest way to chip one’s canines is to try to break open a nut with them. Secondly, even if one does want to make the unwise choice of breaking nuts with their teeth, they will go about doing so using their molars, not canines, for the canines are in no way suited for this task. We can only wish the Babis all the best for cracking nuts with their teeth.

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