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Concept of Khatamiyat In Old Testament


The Baha’is claim to be a continuation of the Divine religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They go at lengths to justify that their so called religion is a continuation of the process of Divine revelation. But deceitfully they hide where they fundamentally differ from the divinely revealed religions.

Here in this article we take up the issue of “Finality of Prophethood” and discuss how the revealed religions agree on “Khatamiyat” as opposed to the Baha’i cult which believes in the continuation of prophethood in the character of Mirza Husain Ali.

The Prediction of future revelations in the Old Testament(Torah):


In the book of Deutronomy, Chapter 33, verse 2, says:

“God manifested himself at Sina and rose up at Seir and shined forth from Mount Paran.”

There have been five great Prophets who brought a fresh shariat from Allah the Almighty. They are referred to as Ulul Azm prophets. They are as follows:

  1. Prophet Noah (pbuh)
  2. Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh)
  3. Prophet Moses (pbuh)
  4.  Prophet Jesus (pbuh)
  5.  Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

The Jews believe in the first three, the Christians in the first four while the Muslims believe in all these five harbingers of Divine law.

The Torah which was revealed to Prophet Moses(pbuh) gives glad tidings in the above mentioned quote from Deutronomy about the divine revelation to Prophet Moses(pbuh) as well as the future divine revelation to Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and  Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), who were to bring updated new laws after him. God manifesting himself at ‘Sina’ refers to the revelation of Torah to Prophet Moses(pbuh). Rising up at ‘Seir’ refers to the revelation of Bible (Injeel) to Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Shining forth from ‘Mount Paran’ refers to the revelation of the Quran to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

The Muslim scholars have confronted the Jews with this prophecy by mentioning about the other references to ‘Paran’ being found in the Torah. For example In Genesis, Chap 21, v. 20-21, the place where the upbringing of Prophet Ismael(pbuh) took place is mentioned as “Paran”:

“God was with the boy as he grew up. He lived in the desert and became an archer. While he was living in the Desert of Paran, his mother got a wife for him from Egypt.”

It is a historical fact that the upbringing of Prophet Ismael(pbuh) took place in the land of Hijaz and later Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) from this same place announced his final mission.

In fact on the basis of this prediction years before Prophet Mohammad(pbuh) was born the Jews came and settled in the Arabian Peninsula anticipating his emergence. When he actually announced his prophethood quite few of these Jews accepted him and embraced Islam while the others though recognizing him stubbornly opposed him as is mentioned in the Holy Quran in Surah Baqarah, verse 146:

“Those whom we had given the book, recognize him as they recognize their sons and a group from them surely hide the truth while they are aware of it”


The derivation of the concept of Finality of Prophethood (Khatamiyat) from the aforementioned predictions:

Since this verse mentions about the coming of the divine law only thrice since the time of Prophet Moses(pbuh), the followers of all the Divine religions are united on the fact that after the revelation to Prophet Moses(pbuh) a new divine law will come only twice. Yes the Jews do differ with the Christians and Muslims, but only about the personality of Prophet Jesus(pbuh) as being the second law giver. Likewise the Jews and the Christians do differ with the Muslims but only about the personality of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)  as being the third law giver as predicted in the Old Testament. Hence the differences between the three major divine religions are just superfluously related to the Identity of the law givers after Prophet Moses(pbuh). They are unanimous about the last divine message coming from ‘Mount Paran’, for which the Muslims have brought evidence from the Old Testament itself that it refers to the personality of Prophet Mohammad(pbuh). Had any message to come after the shining forth from Mount Paran, it would have definitely been mentioned in the Old Testament.

The Self Contradiction of the Baha’is:

When Baha’is have accepted Islam as being the continuation of Judaism and Christianity, they have to also accept that Gods final message is revealed to Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). By claiming that the law of Quran has now been abrogated(especially when there has been no distortion in it) by a so called Prophet called Baha’ullah they deny a fundamental belief of all the three divine religions of Divine Law being updated only twice after Prophet Moses(pbuh). Thus far from being in conformity with Divine religions, Baha’ism is in fact totally at crossroads with all the three major divinely religions of the world.

Inshallah we will soon come up with another article on the concept of Khatamiyat in the New testament which is even more evident and will further disgrace the Baha’is and expose their lies.

Updated: May 10, 2016 — 2:56 pm
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