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Kitab Al Aqdas: Verse 52 (Inital Part)

Here let us first compare the translations available on their website

Authorized translation: We have decreed that a third part of all fines shall go to the Seat of Justice, and We admonish its men to observe pure justice, that they may expend what is thus accumulated for such purposes as have been enjoined upon them by Him Who is the All-Knowing, the All-Wise.

Haddad translation: One third of all fines for atonement should be confided to the house of justice, and we admonish its members to practice pure justice that they may expend the collected sum in their possession in such ways as are commanded them on the part of one omniscient and wise.

Earl E. Elder translation: We have returned a third of all the fines to the Resting-place of Justice. We admonish its men to do absolute justice, that they spend all that has been collected by them in the way commanded by a Wise Knower.

Critique 1: This verse continues with the trend of previous verses of generating sources of Income for the Bahai establishment. But raises more questions than providing answers.

  1. Whether the terms, “Seat of Justice”, “House of Justice” and “Resting place of Justice” refer to the same international House of Justice ( actually “injustice” is a term better suited for it) or it refers to the local bodies is totally unclear.
  2. What happens to the balance two third of fines is also a question for which no replies are forthcoming.
  3. Though there is a command to spend money in accordance of the instructions of an “All knowing and all wise” personality (as per the authorized translation), but what are these commands are actually not elucidated. This vagueness is providing an opportunity to the Bahai establishment to manipulate and misappropriate funds as has been witnessed by the Bahai insiders.

Critique 2: While admonishing the judges to do justice, it is totally silent about the characteristics of these Judges. Since it has failed to set any criteria for these judges, it has set the arena open for political manipulators to occupy important posts by Machiavellian planning.

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