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Kitab-i-Aqdas : Introduction

Kitab e Aqdas has the highest regard with the Bahais. Aqdas means Holy. This book however is anything but holy. Bahaullah wrote it toward the end of his days in Acre; a short while before he perished at the persistent instigation of his followers who believed that he was God. They asked him to write down a book which showed how God should be worshipped. In collaboration with his son ‘Abbas, known as ‘Abd al-Baha, he collected some ludicrous fabrications, lies, falsehoods and nonsense, and crammed them in this book which he called “al-Aqdas” and claimed that it supplanted all previous ordinances and books. The book was printed for the first time in Al-Adab Press of Baghdad in 1349 A.H. (A.D. 1931). It is made up of 53 pages of medium size. The author tries to imitate the Quran. He interpolates part of one verse with part of another, or adds something of his own in such a style as would shame the writer and stand out as an irrefutable evidence of his utter ignorance of the language of the Quran. Presently the entire book is presented in just 190 verses. As against more than 6000 verses in the Holy Quran, this nominal number itself speaks volumes about the veracity of this book which claims to have replaced the Holy Quran.

Since this book is the cornerstone of the Bahai religion, it is expedient to give examples of its contradictions, lies and claims.

The following article is a small attempt in this path.  We shall refer to the translations  available on the following official website of  the Baha’is:

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