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Kitab-i-Aqdas : Verse 1

Verily the first thing which God hath ordained unto the servants is the knowledge of the dawning place of His command, which was the station of Himself, in the world of command and creation (that is, the knowledge of Baha, who is the manifestation of God in the world). Whosoever attaineth there unto hath attained unto all good; and he who is deprived thereof is indeed of the people of error – even though he bringeth all good actions.

Critique 1: It is very surprising that on one hand Baha’is talk of including all religions and  cultures in the name of Unity of Mankind and on the other declare all those who do not acknowledge the divine position of Bahaullah as “people of error”. It declares all those who do not believe in Bahaullah as misguided even though they have committed all good actions, thus rendering all good actions null and void!

 Critique 2: At the same time this verse excludes all previous messengers including even his mentor the so called “Bab”.

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