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Kitab-i-Aqdas : Verse 5

لا تحسبنّ انّا نزّلنا لكم الاحكام

The Haddad translation of the above verse available at the Baha’i library is as follows:

Think ye not that we have revealed the ordinances unto you.

Critique : While this verse explicitly mentions that this book is not a book of Ahkam and practical laws, yet it is crammed with practical laws related to prayers, fasting, charity, inheritance, marriage, divorce, adultery, murder, stealing, washing, eating and so on.

Those with knowledge of Arabic language will agree with the Haddad translation of the Arabic words which categorically reject the exposition of practical laws in this book. And the very next statement contradicts this statement by talking about the laws of prayers. The next statement is as follows:

قد كتب عليكم الصّلوٰة تسع ركعات للهٰ

This is presented in the Haddad translation as follows:

In prayer, nine prostrations are ordained before God

So, the contradictions start in the very next verse!

Allah the Almighty degrades the liars in this way. They forget what they have lied and their very next statement contradicts their first thus exposing their lies.

Perhaps the Baha’is realised this and so later Shogie amended the official translation as follows:

Think not that We have revealed unto you a mere code of laws. 

Misinterpretation and mistranslating has always been the characteristics of the fraudulent and cheats.

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