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Question No. 71346:

What is the thought and belief of Bahaiyat? What is the difference between them and other Muslims?

Al Bahaiyat and Babiyat are the sects which emerged from the Shaikhiya sect in the year 1260AH/1844 in order to corrupt the belief of Islam and to divide the Muslim community into different parts and to deviate them.

Mirza Ali Mohammed Shirazi laid the foundation of Babiyat. He studied the concepts of Shaykhism and and Sufism at a very young age. In the year 1844/1260 AH, he announced that he was the gate (Bab) to reach the “the reality of Allah”. The Bab was instigated by one of the spies of the Jews.

Later on he announced that he was a messenger like Musa, Isa and Mohammed (pbuh). He even claimed that he was superior to them all and in the year 1266 AH, he claimed that Allah has incarnated in him.

Qurratul Ayn: She was a woman who was very good in ‘Fasahat ‘ and ‘Balagat’ (i.e., she was very eloquent). She stayed in Shiraz to study Saykhism. She was an adulteress and prostitute. Her husband divorced her and her children kept themselves away from her. She married the chief of the Babiyah in a place known as “Badasht” inIran. She announced that the shariat (laws) of Hazrat Mohammed (pbuh) has been abrogated and that it was completed in the year 1852/ 1268 AH.

Bahaiyat: Before Mirza Ali Mohammed Shirazi was killed, he made his successor Mirza Yahya Ali (Known as Subhe Azal) but there was the conflict between him and his brother Mirza Husain Ali. Later on Mirza Yahya Ali went to island known as “Qabras” and died there in 1912 and Husain Ali went to Akka (Palestine) and was killed by one of the follower of his brother in the year 1892 and was buried there.

Belief of Bahaiyat and their Thought

  1. They believe in the incarnation of Allah in some of His creatures and that Allah has incarnated in Bab and Bahaullah.
  2. They believe that reward and punishment is for soul (Ruh) only.
  3. They believe that all the religions are true and that Torah and Injeel are away from changes (tahreef). They believe that the necessity of Tauheed of all the religions is found only in one religion only and that is Baha’iyat.
  4. They believe that the book “Aqdas” is written by Baha Husain and that it abrogates all the heavenly books mentioned in the Holy Quran (eg Injeel, Torah).
  5. They believe that the Buddha, Brahman were prophets and that they were from the intellectuals of Hind,China and Russia.
  6. They believe like Jews and Christians that the Hazrat Isa (as) was crucified.
  7. They deny the miracles of prophets and the reality of angels and jinn and they deny heaven and hell.
  8. They prohibit veil for woman and believe in mutah (temporary marriage).
  9. They believe that the religion of Bab abrogate the shariat of Mohammed (pbuh).
  10. They believe that the Qayamat has come with the reappearance of Baha. And that their Qibla is Akka at Palestine (where the grave of Baha exists).
  11. They have prayers three times a day in morning, at noon and evening. Each prayer consists of three units (rakat). They consider that ablution (wuzu) should be done with saffron water only and if one does not find the water then he should say five times “Allaho Athar” instead.
  12. It is not permissible to pray namaz in congregation except that of Mayyit and in this way they divide the Muslim community into different sects by prohibiting congregation prayers.
  13. They consider the number “19” to be holy. Therefore they have kept the number of months as 19 in a year and each month consist of 19 days.
  14. They observe fasts in one month only and that is their most holy month and the last month and it start from 2nd March and end on 21st March. It is wajib for them in this month to keep away from eating from the morning till evening and it is followed by Eid-e-Nawroz.
  15. They prohibit Jihad and keeping weapons against unbelievers (ie enemies).
  16. They reject that Hazrat Mohammed (pbuh) is the last prophet.
  17. They reject that Haj should be done atMecca. According to them Haj should be done to where Baha was buried ie in Akka (inPalestine).
  18. They neither consider “Ghusl” after Janabat nor purification after “Najasat” as obligatory. According to them one who marries a Bahai becomes pure.
  19. According to them 19% of the wealth should be given as a zakat one time which is a kind of tax.

 Attachment of Babiyat and Bahaiyat with the Jews and Christians:

  1. One of the spies of Russia instigated Ali Mohammed Shirazi to claim that he was Bab.
  2. Baha was involved in the attempt to assassinate “Nasiruddin Shah” inIran but the attempt failed and Baha went toRussia where he received complete support. He did not surrender to Sultan of Iran until he did not take promise from him to forgive his death sentence.
  3. Baha went to Akka in the year 1285AH/1868 where he received respect from Jews. This became the history for Bahais and it became their holy place.
  4. Some Christians stand behind all these conspiracy.
  5. Bahai prohibit Jihad against enemies and consider it compulsory upon Muslims to surrender in front of the colonialism or imperialism.

Their Publication And Influential Places:

Most of the prominent Bahais are found inIran; some of them are found inIraq,Syria, Lebonan andPalestineand they are found inEgypt (Misr). They are found in Ethiopia, Avgaanda, Zambia and South Africa and Pakistan, and are found in some of the western cities like London,Vienna,France and Sudan and are found in Chicago where they have a big place for worship.

Fatwa of Ulema against Bahais:

Babiyat and Bahaiyat are the sects which are deviated and emerged from from Islam. And most of the fatwa of the muslim scholars have been issued which consider them Kafir (apostates) and described that they have emerged from Islam and it is wajib to be aware of them.

  1. Shaikh Salim Bashari Sheikhul Azhar has said in the year 1910 that Bahais are Kafir. Similarly fatwas were released on 30/6/1946 from Misr (Egypt) for divorcing and separating of the woman from her husband who has embraced Bahaiyat since by accepting the Bahai sect he has rejected Islam.
  1. Another fatwa is from “Daarul Iftenae Misri”  in the year 1968 which states that : “one who accept the religion of Bahai will be away (deviated) from Islam and order to reject such person since he has rejected the Islam.
  1. Fatwa of Shaikh Ibrahim Fyumi Amin: “Surely Bahai sect emerged from Islam and it very dangerous. They shake the political and religious issues of Islam .They consider most of the Ayat of Holy Quran as ‘batil’. According to them, Muslims have done changes in the Holy Quran. Similarly they consider the Haj as Baatil and seek for the destruction of Holy Kaaba.
  1. Similarly Sheikh Azhar who was before Shaikh Jaadul Haq gave the fatwa regarding the “kufr” of Bahai and rejected them from Islam. Most of the Islamic discussions bring out the conclusion that: “Babiyat and Bahaiyat are the mixed thought of philosophers and different religions. There is neither any provisions in it for the Muslim community to improve their affairs nor for their reunion. But rather it became clear that they worked for Zionist. Their thought spoils the Muslim community.

Fatwa of Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Baaz regarding the “kufr” of this party (Bahai) and their emerging from the Islam and it also states that “It is not Jaez (permissible) that they (Bahai) are buried in Muslim graveyard.”

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